SmartBox System

about SmartBox
Getting even smarter with SmartBox®
As the crop industry moves toward new low rate insecticides, conventional application systems are no longer adequate. SmartBox®, by contrast, is a system of variable rate and speed technology with greater accuracy at low application rates. It eliminates worker exposure issues, improves farmer productivity and reduces overall insecticide treatment costs, all while exceeding existing pesticide use regulations. The system is incredibly reliable, has only one moving part, requires no field maintenance and is more accurate than conventional pulley and chain metering technology. Simply put, SmartBox® is the most advanced closed application system available.

Less Exposure to Applicators
The SmartBox® eliminates the hassle of opening, emptying and disposing of bags and reduces the potential for inhalation and skin contact. The SmartBox® product containers are returnable to the AMVAC Authorized Retailer for refill at the AMVAC manufacturing facility. User exposure is minimized and there is no packaging material to dispose of by incineration or dumping.

Accurate, Precise Application
The SmartBox® features electronically controlled metering that provides precise application, while adjusting for changes in ground speed monitored by radar.

Cuts Waste
The SmartBox® row-by-row monitoring for flow blockages and positive end-row shutoff, minimize misapplication and waste.

Greater Productivity
With a product such as SmartChoice® 5G, a 24-row planter equipped with SmartBox® can treat 185 acres on 30" rows without reloading.

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